The Global Mind Project is a Media Arts and Brain Sciences initiative by Karen Casey in partnership with computer software designer Harry Sokol.


Global Mind aims to creatively interpret mind-states using unique video effects software, which generates real time audiovisual effects from brainwaves, and presented in the form of live screen projections and online performances.


The project is the culmination of five years research and development, initiated in 2004 with testing at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Global Mind Project website will be an online access for performance webcasts and ultimately a means to facilitate viewer interaction in the form of direct mind interactions with the artist and others. - see video





LETS SHAKEContact-converse

Let's Shake is a participatory art event encouraging people to extend a hand beyond their comfort zone and make a genuine connection with another person.

The process involves casting the inside of a handshake while people sit and communicate with each other. The resulting shell-like forms are recorded boxed and stored to be used in various public artwork installations.


Contact / Converse 2008 - Ian Potter Centre NGV Australia ....



Wellington, New Zealand